Papa Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake cheese tart dubai abudabi

Nothing beats a yummy, delicious birthday cake on this special occasion.

The apex of any birthday function is the cake. Papa Fluffy’s personalized Birthday Cakes capture the distinguished essence of your event while exciting your guests with incredible Japanese fluffy flavors and attractive themes. The variety of birthday cake designs available in our Bakery is simply outstanding.

We always fulfill our commitment to baking birthday cakes that are both fluffy and flavorful. Papa Fluffy’s customized cakes have been designed exclusively and lovingly hand made by our team of trained chefs so definitely all of the party guests fall for these amazing birthday cakes.

The Japanese Cheesecake has been prominent in Japanese dessert range for ages. The Original Japanese cheesecake is the soft & fluffy cake with fluffy texture. Papa Fluffy has become a popular Bakery in short time and has earned the title -the best Japanese cheesecake in Dubai. We proudly offer a unique combination of Japanese fine ingredients and baking techniques with innovative baking methods. We promise: our Japanese Cheesecake is baked with love and shared to be loved! Just visit or call us to order your cheesecakes to enjoy the rich treasures of deliciousness of the world’s best Japanese Cheesecake in Dubai.

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