Papa Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake cheese tart dubai abudabi

The world-famous Japanese Cheesecake, also recognized as jiggly and cotton cake, has been prominent in Japan’s desserts range for periods. The Original Japanese cheesecake is the soft & fluffy cake. It has a light and fluffy texture containing fine quality ingredients including cream cheese, optimum butter and fresh eggs.

People being diet conscious would not mind tasting in this cake which is light in flavour with less calories content. In very limited time period, we gained appreciation from our valued customers for delicious Japanese cheesecake in Dubai.

We always maintain the quality of our mouthwatering cheesecake. We are committed to offer unique combination of Japanese fine ingredients and baking techniques with innovative backing methods. Dedicated in Japanese traditional baking, we have been remunerated tributes from esteemed patrons for pleasant, softy and tasty Japanese cheesecake in Dubai. We guarantee: Our Japanese Cheesecake is baked with love and shared to be loved!

Just visit or call us to order your cheesecakes to enjoy your shares in the rich treasures of deliciousness of world’s best Japanese Cheesecake in Dubai.

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