Papa fluffy launches special signature product

Papa fluffy has just done innovative invention in the Japanese gourmet. A triple fromage cheesecake is one of its kind desserts that are to satiate a lot of sweet teeth in the UAE.

Japanese cheesecakes which are very soft and delicate by nature require keen attention during preparation. Our chef added two more such soft layers making it an enriched unique dessert. This handcrafted product is the signature edition of Papa fluffy.

A fine morning we had a customer call us asking if we make birthday cakes with triple fromage cheesecake. That led way for another innovation. We said yes!! We made a beautiful birthday cake with Japanese triple fromage cheesecake and the output was out of the world. The customer called us back for the feedback. She said,

“The cakes were so soft. It was like an upgraded version of ice cream cake! Million thanks”.

Japanese triple fromage cheesecakes are triple the fun, triple the taste and triple the bliss.

Papa fluffy

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